Honeymoon Special Package To Phuket Of Thailand

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The jewel of Andaman Sea is an island named Phuket, which attracts large number of tourists every year. It falls under the jurisdiction of Thailand and therefore, accessing it is very easy with Thai Airways. Again another option in that case would be choosing makemytrip.com as the travel agent who would commence the entire trip with Makemytrip international flights. Many newly married couples who symbolises romance love to choose this romantic island as their honeymoon destination. A famous beach resort of the tropical region called the Patong is situated in Phuket. The beaches of Phuket are ideal for water sports like scuba diving, sailing, sea kayaking, surfing, snorkelling, etc. Kite surfing is another very thrilling and famous sport of the beach in Phuket. Fishing in Phuket is prevalent and mainly those who are older people and goes for a second honeymoon at a matured age love fishing over there. While the young generation couples who are full of life like enthralling water sports like jet skiing.

Reaching Phuket is very convenient from Bangkok. To reach Bangkok from any parts of the world one can avail flights of different airways, which obviously include Thai Airways. From the airport different forms of pick up are available. To reach Phuket from Bangkok, buses or cars are convenient besides railways. Rail is the cheapest means to go to Phuket but at the same time comfort is lessened with it. If one opts for travel agents like makemytrip.com then the inconvenience would be reduced and the very first travel to Bangkok will be with help of Makemytrip international flights. One has to change from train to Bus after reaching Surat Thani, which is bit inconvenient but much inexpensive. Southern Bus Terminal Station in Bangkok also has buses leaving for Phuket every day. These buses are cheap as that is a public transport. Hiring a car from Bangkok can also be a good choice given the budget on transport is little more. The final means but the most expensive and fast is the flights of Thai Airways. It deports one to Phuket in just an hour given that no delay due to unforeseen causes takes place.

To neglect the harassments of arranging everything, himself or herself, one can contact a travel agent. In such case, makemytrip.com is a good way out. Makemytrip international flights are to take care of your travelling from the very beginning. It means that no waiting for reservations and worries for making arrangements.

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Honeymoon Special Package To Phuket Of Thailand

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This article was published on 2011/01/15