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There is a new trend in recent times, and its people trying desperately to find inexpensive venues and options for weddings, honeymoons or any other kind of large event in their lives. Everyone wants their special occasion to be an elegant event that no one soon forgets. Have you thought of planning your event in Phuket, Thailand? Many people are booking their weddings in Phuket because it is less expensive than most venues, and they offer everything you could ever ask for in entertainment and gorgeous scenery. If you're in to the night life, you haven't even seen it until you've experienced the nightlife Phuket style!


If you choose Phuket as the place for your event, you will be able to experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Picturesque cities, beautiful blue water, gorgeous coral reefs to explore, Unique shopping in specialty stores, museums, gorgeous gardens, and awesome nightlife. Phuket offers all of this and so much more! Just a little research on the area and you will be booking your wedding in Phuket. One of the main attractions is the White box. This very elegant venue offers a stark white, soft jazz, cuisine from all over the world, board rooms, restaurants, and the very famous roof top bar with sweet spirits flowing.


Thailand is comprised of several islands. Phuket is connected to the mainland only by bridge or boat. The bridge carries you over some of the most beautiful blue water in the world. You can explore coral reefs, go scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing, and beautiful white sandy beaches. If you prefer dry land, you can choose from shopping in authentic and charming little street side stores, visiting some of the many museums or lovely flowering gardens. You can visit the giant gold statue of Buddha if you like. There are so many things to see and do that you will want to schedule plenty of time during your vacation to enjoy all that Phuket has to offer. For weddings in Phuket, you simply must visit The White Box. The White Box is a party venue that holds all sorts of events. Within one building you can have your wedding ceremony, move to a reception room for your after party, and then go to enjoy night life, Phuket style.


Weddings in Phuket are among the most flexible in the world. You can choose the ambiance you want at your ceremony from quiet and serene to full on nightlife Phuket style. You can enjoy the music of a DJ playing all of your favorites or you can choose a jazz band playing smooth and easy back ground music. They go out of their way to make sure any weddings in Phuket are exactly what you want them to be. If you want a calming ceremony it can certainly be arranged, but if you want to involve nightlife, Phuket is your dream location. Be sure and start planning your trip to Phuket as early as you can, and while you're there you should really visit the White Box roof top bar.

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Make your arrangements for Wedding In Phuket early so you will be able to get the date and venue of your choice. Contact the White Box Phuket for reservations and check out the Nightlife Phuket.

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Parties and Nightlife Phuket, Thailand

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This article was published on 2010/10/05
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