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If you have ever thought about retiring, you’ve probably thought about where.

For many it’s a place where life is just a little bit slower.

Somewhere you can find time to relax. Spend more time with your family and friends. And soak up some sun. Whilst still enjoying all the things you do back home.

Life in Phuket is a bit different to living in Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok.

For starters you don't have the traffic to put up with. And the amount of open space is very appealing. There are beautiful beaches. The food is great and the cost of living is low.

But why wait until you retire to start enjoying that lifestyle?

If you invest in your retirement now you will have the opportunity to spend holidays and weekends at your new home. You will get the chance to experience the culture, the food and the people. So when you do retire - you’ll settle in right away.

The best thing is, if you buy wisely you will make good money on your investment too.

And I’ll wager, if you wrote a list of all the things you want when you retire - Phuket would tick most of the boxes.

So here are 10 good reasons why you should think about it...

1. Everything you have back home and more

I can't think of anything you can't buy in Phuket. Well maybe the odd variety of chocolate bar - but if you know where to go you can find pretty much everything.

You’ll come across French and Swedish bakeries, German sauerkraut and bratwurst, Aussie pies and steaks, Chinese dim sum and - of course - Royal Thai cuisine.

And there are restaurants that cater for every taste. Your bill won’t break the bank either.

2. Great weather

As I'm writing this the weather is a cool 28 degrees.

It is sunny with blue skies. And we are right in the middle of the monsoon.

I love it - tropical storms and warm torrential down pours which don't last long and keep the Island looking so lush and green.

3. Top quality hospitals

Phuket is fast developing into a centre for medical tourism.

People come from all over the world to have major operations and cosmetic surgery.


Because the quality of care is high and the prices are very low.

Most consultants, surgeons and doctors in Phuket are trained abroad. So they are skilled in the latest techniques and they speak YOUR language.

And the international hospitals have state-of-the-art equipment - often better than you get in more developed countries.

4. A high standard of living at a low cost

Compared to most places, Phuket has a very low cost of living.

If you disagree please tell me, where in Hong Kong or Singapore can I eat in a fancy restaurant with wine and still get change from 1,000 baht (33USD)?

The average food bill for a family of 4 in Phuket is 4,000 (134 USD) Baht a week. That includes lots of fresh fish, great fruit and freshly picked vegetables.

Furthermore, you can hire your own chef for less than 1,000 Baht a day.

And laundry. What laundry?

5. You can have your own maid, handyman, driver and chef

I haven't done any cleaning, washing or picked up an iron in over 6 years.

I have a maid, she comes 6 days a week and works an 8 hour day - I pay her 10,000 Baht (US$328.30) a month. That’s considered a good wage for a maid.

I also have a handyman who does all my gardening and all the maintenance around my house. I pay him 12,000 Baht (US$393.96) per month.

A driver will cost you around 10,000 Baht (US$328.30) a month.

Most chefs charge a day rate of around 1000 Baht. So if you're having a party or just don't feel like cooking it's ideal. They will even buy all your groceries and clean-up after.

If you hire them full-time it’s even cheaper.

6. Getting around is easy

You can fly directly to 19 destinations from Phuket International Airport. That includes pretty much the whole of Asia. You can also fly direct to Australia and most of Europe.

The expansion of the airport is due to be completed in 2016. This will add another terminal and increase the capacity to 11.5 million passengers a year.

Once you are on the Island, getting around is easy. If you have a car you'll find the roads are good and well lit at night.

Or, if you prefer, you can take a local bus, tuk-tuk or taxi.

7. Sailing

Phuket is one of the best places in the world to own a boat.

There are several world-class marinas on the East Coast. And you can hire an experienced crew for a reasonable price.

Why not explore the limestone islands of Phang Nga Bay? Or take a longer trip to the Similian Islands?

8. Golf

Phuket is no slouch when it comes to “a good walk spoiled”.

There are 6 championship courses to choose from.

The Blue Canyon Golf and Country Club has hosted the Johnnie Walker Asian Classic twice.

And several professional golfers have said it is the best course in Asia.

9. Everyone speaks English

Well, not quite everyone. But the majority of Thais speak some English.

So if you are out shopping, in the bank or calling about your internet connection, you'll be able to speak to someone in English.

After 15 years living overseas, believe me - this makes life so much easier.

And if you have a problem it is often resolved far faster than it is back home.

10. Property prices are low

I just read an article about a Hong Kong Tycoon buying a land plot at the Peak Barker Road for a staggering 233m USD - that's 8,750 US dollars per square foot.

Property prices in Hong Kong and Singapore are skyrocketing yet in Phuket you can still buy a high quality, luxury villa for under 143 US dollars per square foot!

That is less than a quarter of the price of most residential housing in Singapore and Hong Kong. And your villa will have a decent size garden and maybe even an ocean view.

So why wait until you retire to start enjoying your new lifestyle?



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Retiring to Phuket, Thailand

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This article was published on 2011/08/07